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Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder
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Feeding your Bees the right way








                IT WORKS BETTER
than other pail feeders.

The Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder combines a variety of feeding principles that addresses your feeding needs. No more drowning, starving or fighting hives. The Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder is placed upside down, right on top of the frames. Being that the feeder is placed right on top of the frames; it allows faster access, quicker hive building and greater protection. Place an empty medium hive body over it; add inner cover if you wish then your telescoping top.

As some of you have said "the concept has been around for years"... and you are right. However, I know for a fact that many of you are not happy with the current pail feeders on the market.

Just think of the old feeders as Cheeseburgers... and I have added the pickles, lettuce and tomato!

The difference is:

Micro perforations that span the ENTIRE LID (not just a small hole with a mesh screen or a plug), thus providing more access to more bees...!

Your Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder is a 2 ½ quart feeder which should provide enough syrup for approximately a week. Anymore than that and the syrup can go bad! The feeder is clear which allows you to peek inside your hive and SEE how much is left.

NOTE: The Collins Ultimate Bee Feeders have been used and tested using Sugar Syrup Only. It is not recommended in use with Fructose Syrups.

It is recommended that you provide a strong fall feeding (2:1 sugar syrup), and then late winter/early spring (1:1  sugar syrup). Conveniently your Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder comes with a measurement gauge for your mixing needs. If you feel that your bees need feeding during winter months; place crumpled newspaper around the feeder to absorb moisture and protect from heat losses. Click here for bee feed recipes...

When you are done with your Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder it is easy to clean and if you have more than one, they will stack nicely eliminating bulky storage space. If you get any propolis on your lid that’s okay! Just take your cap scratcher and clear out the holes or poke some new ones.

Why choose the Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder over less expensive pail style feeders or top hive feeders?

These are the issues with other feeders - which our feeder addresses:

1. The feeder holes or mesh are small and they are hard to clean.

2. Such a small area for the bees to try and feed from... 10,000 + bees feeding from a hole the size of a quarter.

3. The pail feeders out there are big and require deep boxes...(I say save those deep boxes for splits and use a medium box thats sitting there).

4. Pails are solid color and hard to see how much feed is left (my feeder is clear)

5. Lids are super hard to remove and may require a lid tool.

6. Being that they are 1-2 Gallons, syrup may ferment or mold NOT GOOD!

7. Many other feeders provide a hiding or nesting ground for Hive Beetles.

So, if you are using entrance feeders... stop refilling those jars every day! If you are using other inside feeders... stop allowing your bees to drown and stop providing a nursery for hive beetles. Your Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder will help you eliminate you feeding troubles.

Get your Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder today and see the difference!