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Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder
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Feed your Bees the right way


So I see you have heard of the Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder!
That is great news for your bees.

Like some of you I have bought just about every bee feeder on the market, and like most of you I have noticed many drowned bees and experienced messy impossible clean up jobs. Not to mention inadequate build up due to poor feeder access.

So I Matt Collins, a Beekeeper created the ultimate bee feeder....the Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder! I did not set out to invent or sell products, I just did not like what was out there and decided to make something for myself. I made improvements to an old system that became complacent and needed a fixing...that’s all.

After years of successful use it was brought to my attention to bring this to market so that others can stop spending 100's of dollars on feeders they don’t like. So here we are!

I know what you’re thinking.... "that’s just another pail feeder, nothing special or new about that!"

THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER PAIL FEEDER and YES there is something new about this!

Ever since I invented this product, my bees have been storing and building up at tremendous levels.

This patent pending product has been designed and tested, proving itself year after year!

 Learn more about the Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder here.